Welcome 2 Life (Season 1) Review

Welcome 2 life (season 1) is a South Korean drama that was released in 2019. The show is about a man who gets transported to a parallel universe. In this universe, he is married to a woman he does not remember marrying. The couple has two children together. The man tries to figure out what happened to him and how he can return to his reality. The drama is filled with adventure and suspense.

Casts: Lim Ji-yeon, Jeong Ji-hoon, Kwak Si-yang, Park Shin Ah, Shin Jae-ha, Han Sang-jin, Phillip Choi, Son Byung-ho, Seo Hye-won, Jang So-yeon, Hong Jin Gi, Park Won-sang, HongJin-gi, Jung-ki Kim, Song Yoo-hyun, Seol Jung-hwan, Baik Hyun Jin.

Directed by Kim Geun-hong Shim Soo-yeon.

Written by Yoo Hee-kyung.

Welcome 2 Life S1 TV Series Storyline

‘Welcome 2 Life’ is the story of a criminal lawyer ‘Lee Jae-sang’ (Jung Ji-hoon), who pursues only his gains, gets caught up in another parallel world in a momentary accident, and lives his second life as an upright prosecutor.

The second life is very unexpected for Lee Jae-sang. That’s the reason all of the things around him surprised him every time. In the second life, he has a daughter, and Ra Shi-On is his wife. Ra Shi-On was his ex-girlfriend in his past life.

Lee Jae-sang is a prosecutor and honest in this life. He exists the second life in one month. During this time, he solved some cases as a prosecutor. When he returned to his past life, he changed. He joined a special investigation team as a legal prosecutor. He investigated a complicated case that was related to Ra Shi-On’s brother. There are two villains. If we compare the two villains based on dangerous levels, We see a monster and a baby monster.

Why You Should Watch The TV Series

According to Google, 86% of Google users liked this TV show.

Director Kim Geun-hong said,” ‘Welcome 2 Life is a question mark drama. I prepared it to make you wonder whether it is okay to live like this or whether it is okay to live like that,” he explained.

In addition, writer Yoo Hee-Kyung said, ” The TV series is a romantic comedy and a rhetorical drama from a genre point of view. I think it will be a great drama to enjoy on a hot summer day because of the light and sweet comedy and the chilling tension in the spine. In terms of the message, all events share the characters’ love’ and ‘growth.’ “

Jung Ji-hoon’s first MBC drama entry with ‘Welcome 2 Life’! Jung Ji-hoon said, “There was a difficulty in expressing the character. He is carefully filming scenes with the director as if he was making some pottery.”

Lim Ji-Yeon explained why she chose the series. She said, “When I first read this script, I liked the storyline that proceeded without a break and no time to get bored. It was agreed that I wanted to do a criminal investigation at least once.

The drama is light-hearted and funny, with a touch of romance. The cast is excellent, and the production values are high. The show is very well written and directed. It’s one of the best Korean dramas I’ve seen recently.

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